After months and months of thinking, plotting, planning, dreaming and forgetting the whole idea just to start again, the Mega Meeple site is live.

This site will be the hub, the central gaming table, to find out everything that is Mega Meeple. A show where we talk about gamers and the games that bring them together. Topics like card games, tabletop games, boardgames, Kickstarters, game and accessory reviews, topics of discussion, CCGs, LCGs, ECGs, RPGs, meta, Cult of the New, old and OOP games, …. (you get the idea). The podcasts and YouTube channel will each have exclusive material but everything will be announced and featured here. Everything from podcast show notes with links to all pertinent stories and info as well as links and announcements of new video content being uploaded to the YouTube channel.

And don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. Gaming is a social experience and we’re all about being social.

We will also be posting topics of discussion so please chime in with your feedback and opinions about the subject matter that is introduced in our shows.

Make sure to check out our YouTube channel as we will have exclusive content not covered in our podcasts. Everything from unboxing to reviews to How to Plays to Let’s Plays and anything else that is more inclined to visuals rather than listening to a podcast.

And obviously (this goes with out saying but we’ll say it here just to be a completist), PLEASE visit, subscribe, share, rate, like, comment, yada, yada, yada at all of our social media locations. Links can be found at the bottom of this page.

So pease, join us at the gaming room, bring a friend, grab a pizza and a Mountain Dew, and enjoy this incredible hobby we call tabletop gaming.