What is a Mega Meeple?

A Mega Meeple has an insatiable appetite for all things board games and the social interaction that results from such things.

Do you like color commentary about hobby games and RPGs, hearing directly from industry leaders in game design and creation, and watching videos of board game bling?

Would you rather play a 4 hr game instead of binge watching Stranger Things (altho we have done both, who’s kidding who)?

You’re cordially invited to join us at the tavern that is The Mega Meeple. It’s a weekly podcast with lively banter and interviews. It’s a YouTube channel with unboxing,  reviews, and How To Plays. It’s a website with News, Blogs, and Reviews. It’s the launching pad to everything Mega Meeple.

Because after all, every great adventure begins at a tavern.



BACKGROUND: Thomas is a retired forensic specialist. His introduction to gaming was by way of Savage Worlds when his friend / room mate invited him to join their group to test play a scenario for a local gaming con. That’s all it took. Since then, he has play tested numerous expansion decks for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn by Plaid Hat Games and organized/judged Ashes OP Events at his FLGS. He favors card games and dungeon crawlers with a dark / gothic / supernatural theme. Thomas tends to stay away from legacy games due to his borderline perfectionism (he doesn’t like marking or ripping up perfectly good games).

WHY I ENJOY GAMING: Gaming was introduced to me at a very dark time in my life (listen to episode 17 here of the podcast to get the back story) and helped me get connected with the outside world again. To me, its all about connections. The friendship and fun memories created around the gaming table are things we can cherish well into old age. I’m always excited to meet new people. To me, there are no strangers. Just friends we haven’t met yet.

LIFE OUTSIDE GAMING?: When he’s not recording or editing the podcast and YouTube videos for The Mega Meeple, Thomas enjoys reading sci-fi and mystery drama books. He has played bass guitar for numerous local bands and venues in the past and is currently learning electric guitar. He also binge watches BBC Comedies and Dramas. Thom is also attending a Support Program for recovering Kickstarter Backers.

FAVORITE GAMES: Mansions of Madness 2ed, Zombicide Black Plague, Mechs vs Minions, Stop Thief!, Scythe, Clank! In! Space!, Too Many Bones.




BACKGROUND: Al is a business analyst and developer. He became a gamer when his high school friends he played Risk with occasionally dropped by his abode with this new game called Dungeons and Dragons. He’s been a poor wargamer, decent playtester, and a game store employee (twice, 36 years apart) since.

LIFE OUTSIDE GAMING: Al is also a Movie Buff and a Science Fiction Silver age (Asimov, Heinlein, Niven) fan. Carbon Dating has confirmed that he’s also older than dirt!

FAVORITE GAMES: Terraforming Mars, Mage Knight, Concordia, Dune, Magic Realm.