In this special GenCon Edition of The Mega Meeple podcast episode, Thomas talks about the games that he’s looking forward to from GenCon as well as some interesting news items that were announced leading up to GenCon.

But if you are unable or unavailable to attend the 50th Anniversary of this epic con, we have you covered because my guest this episode is none other than Suzanne Sheldon from The Dice Tower show “Boardgame Breakfast” and she’ll be talking about GenCant, the virtual con for people who don’t want to wait hours in line or walk miles from one event to another.

EDITORS NOTE: Sadly there was some issue with the phone call connection in the middle of the interview. All attempts were made to “fix it in the mix.”. 

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Links to topics in this episode:

Twilight Imperium 4

The Expanse

The Darkest Night

Terraforming Mars – Hellas & Elysium

The Shared Dream

Massive Darkness

Legend of the 5 Rings

Deep Madness

Codenames Duet

Sword and Sorcery