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New Additions to The Mega Meeple Studio

Well, I have spent the past 10 days recording a “How To Play” rules video for a game that just recently was delivered to backers, the Lords of Hellas. Think area control meets greek mythology – with kick butt minis.

I had finished recording all the wide shots and I wanted to see how it looked on my computer before I started with close ups. Upon looking at the raw footage, I was not happy about the lighting. It was too dim and what bright light was there cast some pretty harsh shadows. Also since the camera had less than optimum lighting, the focus was off and some shots looked grainy.

In other words, it sucked.

Now I’m pretty new to this. I’m constantly learning but most of my process is learning by doing. I can watch all the How To videos on YouTube but until I actually physically attempt something, it doesn’t click in my brain.

So I took to Amazon and YouTube and did some research on studio lights. I made an administrative decision, purchased the light set, and had it in my hands 3 days later. I am now excited anew to go back and re-film all those segments so I can play with my new toys.

Here it is, the newest additions to The Mega Meeple Studios:


My Halloween Horror themed game picks for October 2017

It’s finally October, my favorite month of the year. The leaves are falling, the air is cooler, the night falls sooner. And what better thing to do than play horror themed board games to get you in the mood for Halloween.

These are my 13 favorite horror themed board games I like to play during Halloween.

Whats your favorite game to play during the Halloween season? Post your answers in the comment section.

Elder Sign

Last Friday

Fury of Dracula 3rd ed

Arkham Horror LCG

Dead of Winter- the Long Night

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Mythos Tales

Eldritch Horror

Last Night on Earth

Mansions of Madness 2ed

Zombicide Black Plague

Ultimate Werewolf/Vampire/Alien

Legendary Encounters – Alien

Don’t mess with our childhood.

At the time of this post, there are 2 “reboot” games on Kickstarter. One for the 1979 game Stop Thief! and one for the PC horror game The 7th Guest.

As much as my heart skipped a beat when the announcement of these two old favorites of mine being revisioned for modern day, there is a part of me that winces at the thought that they may screw it up and take what was a fondly held memory of my childhood and pile drive into the ground harder than a Tombstone finisher by WWE’s The Undertaker. I am painfully reminded what usually happens when somebody tries to “update” an old favorite like Hollywood making the 58th version of Spiderman. It usually does not live up to the memory of what it once was.

What do you think? Do you expect these new versions to be as good if not better than their long lost originals? Are you gonna purchase them in hopes to relive fun times long past or stay clear of them in preservation of a fond memory and not risk tainting it?

Feel free to contact us with your comments and opinions.

Until then, see you at the gaming table!

Why did you get involved in gaming?

Growing up I never was much into board games. Yea, we played the usual monopoly, risk, trouble, yada yada yada but not hobby board games. I think the closest I got was a copy of Stop Thief! that I got from an good school friend of mine back in 1979 (and I’m very excited that they are making a modern version of it now on Kickstarter). The most I got involved with gaming is video games. I loved Pitfall, Legend of Dragoon, Crono Cross, Resident Evil, and that racing game that had the sadistic clown driver. It’s funny. Back then games like Dungeons and Dragons was regarded as demonic and a portal to hell.

Then in November of 2015, my room mate asked if I’d be interested in helping him test a scenario for his Savage Worlds game that he was conducting at MACE. Savage Worlds? What’s MACE? I figured, what the hell, I’ll join in. I was bored anyway.

And then the bug bit. I was introduced to a group of people that didn’t care about my past experience with gaming. They accepted a relative stranger into their circle and I made a lot of friends over the next few weeks. Not to get sappy – I’ll save that for another blog – but gaming had saved my sanity. It helped get me out of my shell and actually enjoyed being social. As time went on, I found what style of games I am attracted to. I love the board games and I’m slowly getting more comfortable with RPGs. Right now, I’m not very good at role playing or improv. I just wanna know what dice do I roll and who I need to kill. Yea, I’m a murder hobo. Deal with it.

My very first game I bought was a card game I learned at MACE – a gaming conference that is held locally twice a year – called Seventh Hero. I have since maxed out my gaming shelf with the likes of Mage Knight, Blood Mage, The Others, Eldritch Horror, Arkham Horror LCG, Star Wars Destiny CCG, Mice & Mystics, Summoner Wars, and many other thematic story driven board games.

So how did you get introduced to this great hobby? What was the first game you played / bought?

Comment on this post and let’s get the conversation going. If you have an idea of a topic you’d like to see covered, feel free to submit your suggestions at the “Contact Us” page.

Until then, Game On!


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