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International Tabletop Day 2017

April 29 was International Tabletop Day. My FLGS celebrated by having a 33 hr gaming marathon starting at 3PM on Friday and going non stop until midnight Saturday eventing.

There were a lot of games to say the least and raffles were held every hour with prizes and give aways. Proceeds supported the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and One UP Pediatric Foundation.

So what did you play for ITTD? How did you and your local game store celebrate? Comment below.



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Podcast is approved for iTunes!

Well, it looks like there’s no turning back now. We just got an email from Apple stating that our podcast, The Mega Meeple Podcast, has been approved and will be available for subscriptions and download by early next week.

We are so excited about what’s in store. We already have some interviews lined up and will be receiving some review copies of games that are brand new and some that are about to go on Kickstarter.

So stay tuned to this website and smash that subscribe button in the widget down below to go to our iTunes Home when it becomes available. If you enjoy it and subscribe, please be sure to leave us a good review and hit all those stars for a rating. It will really help us out a lot to get this puppy off the ground.

And spread the word!

Thank you and we’ll see you at the gaming table.

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