Well, I have spent the past 10 days recording a “How To Play” rules video for a game that just recently was delivered to backers, the Lords of Hellas. Think area control meets greek mythology – with kick butt minis.

I had finished recording all the wide shots and I wanted to see how it looked on my computer before I started with close ups. Upon looking at the raw footage, I was not happy about the lighting. It was too dim and what bright light was there cast some pretty harsh shadows. Also since the camera had less than optimum lighting, the focus was off and some shots looked grainy.

In other words, it sucked.

Now I’m pretty new to this. I’m constantly learning but most of my process is learning by doing. I can watch all the How To videos on YouTube but until I actually physically attempt something, it doesn’t click in my brain.

So I took to Amazon and YouTube and did some research on studio lights. I made an administrative decision, purchased the light set, and had it in my hands 3 days later. I am now excited anew to go back and re-film all those segments so I can play with my new toys.

Here it is, the newest additions to The Mega Meeple Studios: